Form N-600 is an official USCIS document which is filed for the purposes of getting a Certificate of Citizenship. This form serves as proof of your child’s or your own U.S. citizenship. If you are trying to claim citizenship through your parents as you were born abroad, you can use Immigration Form N-600. Knowing how to approach your citizenship certificate application will help you with proof if you want to access other benefits for citizens. 

A parent of a minor can also file this form on behalf of the minor. If you need to obtain evidence of citizenship after you automatically became a U.S. citizen by an operation of law before you turned 18, Form N-600 should also be filed. Finally, an adopted child can obtain U.S. citizenship through his or her parent with current citizenship depending on the applicable laws. 

Many people get confused about Form N-400 vs. Form N-600. There is one key difference between these forms. If you are not yet a U.S. citizen and want to become one, you would use Form N-400. However, if you have already become a U.S. citizen and need proof of that, Form N-600 would be used for that evidence. 

What if I Have a Passport? 

If you already have a passport issues by the U.S. Department of State, you do not need to file Form N-600. Your passport will serve as your citizenship proof so long as it is valid. Your passport cannot serve as your citizenship proof if it’s revoked by the Department of State.

In order to obtain other benefits of citizenships, however, you may need to file a Form N-600 application. These include financial aid, employment, Social Security, passport renewal, or a state issued ID. 

How Long Does the N-600 Process Take?

You can expect that the Form N-600 processing time will take a few months. Any mistakes or omissions made in your application could delay this time period. Each USCIS field office has their own timeframe for processing the documents with a Form N-600. You can visit USCIS Processing Time Information and enter the details for your local office to learn more. Look for the “Field Office Processing Dates” and “N-600” so that you can view an estimate of your N-600 processing time.  

When you file Form N-600, you might be given a receipt with a tracking number on it. This information can be used to determine the current status of your case. You can check this at Entering your receipt number will provide you with more information about your individual case. 

Will I Be Interviewed? 

Not every person who submits a Form N-600 has to go through an interview. Each case is reviewed individually to determine whether or not an interview is required. You will be contacted by USCIS is your application requires further review and action with an interview. 

If you are asked to attend a From N-600 interview, you’ll need to bring all original documents of the copies sent in with your original Form N-600. If your documents are not already in English, a certified translation must be provided by you. Those applicants under age 18 must bring a parent with them to the Form N-600 interview unless the parent’s appearance was waived through USCIS. 

How Much is the Filing Fee?

Filing fees are not required with every application. If you are a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces filing for yourself, you do not need to submit a filing fee. Proof of service is required with this application. 

The non-refundable filing fee for any other Form N-600 application is $1,170. To determine that your filing fee is accurate upon submission, visit and select “FORMS” to review the appropriate fee before you submit your application. 

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