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Removal Defense

If you or a loved one is facing removal, or deportation as it was formerly known, from the United States, it is only natural that you feel anxious and concerned for what the future holds. The last thing you want is for your family to be separated, especially when that may cost financial security, home security, and more.

A deportation or removal notice is a serious matter. When this happens, you need the guidance of a skilled immigration attorney. At Attorney Eric Price, we know how to build a strong removal defense and help you keep your family intact.

Information about Removal

Removal is a process that happens under the due process of law. A hearing will be held before an immigration judge to determine if you have violated immigration laws. If the judge believes you have violated immigration laws, you may receive a removal notice and be barred from entering the U.S.

There are many reasons why a judge may issue a removal order, including:

Possible Removal Defenses

Every removal case is different, but depending on your circumstances, there may be removal defenses that can help you contest removal and remain in the U.S. Some possible removal defenses include:

The best way to find out what your removal defense options are is to speak with an experienced immigration attorney. A free, confidential case evaluation with Attorney Eric Price is a great way to start.