Heartland Visa is a new kind of visa category proposed by the Economic Innovation Group to address low, uneven population growth and loss of prime working-age adults in several US counties. Many counties in the US are flourishing while others are struggling with several socio-economic problems. These flourishing counties have sufficient population growth and skilled workers in their prime working age. However, the other counties are experiencing a severe reduction in population growth and loss of prime working-age adults, which has resulted in economic deacceleration. To overcome these socio-economic problems, the EIC or Economic Innovation Group suggested that immigration can be a critical tool.

According to their report, many of these socio-economic problems arose due to the migration of skilled workers in their prime working-age to flourishing counties and declining birth rates. The loss in population resulted in lower entrepreneurship, unavailability of labor, lesser business activities, and lower tax collection from such counties that has pushed them to the brink of economic breakdown.

The introduction of location-based visas for such counties can solve many such problems. It proposed that the government encourage immigrants to apply for a location visa to such counties and live and work in these areas for a contractual period to uplift such counties’ economic conditions. The Heartland Visa category is still under process, but Joe Biden promises in his presidential campaign to soon introduce this new visa category during his tenure.

Joe Biden will soon introduce Heartland Visa as a part of his immigration reforms. You will need to hire the services of an experienced, accomplished, and well-informed immigration attorney to take advantage of this future opportunity. Contact Attorney Eric Price today at 855-662-2772 to know and prepare for this excellent opportunity that can eventually lead to US nationality.

Why Is Heartland Visa Important?

The Heartland Visa program will solve the low, uneven population growth and few prime working-age adults in several US counties. These counties have shown a very slow or even deaccelerating economic growth over the last decades. This program aims to put these slow-growing counties on the same footing as others by inviting many working-age immigrants to these selected counties and providing them an opportunity to become a permanent resident of the US. This program will solve the following issues:

  • Low Population Growth:

It is well established that population plays a crucial role in the economic development of a country or an area. A healthy population growth provides enough labor to work in local industries. It also increases the chances of entrepreneurship in the locality as many younger people find a way of establishing their businesses. Moreover, it encourages innovation in business models as companies aim to attract new customers while retaining their existing ones. These business activities catalyze economic growth in the region.

On the other hand, low population growth or population loss leads to economic recessions in the locality. Low population growth does not satisfy the labor needs of industries that, as a result, either shut down or relocate to places with better access to labor. If this happens, the working-age labor left will be inclined to leave the area for better employment opportunities. Low population growth also reduces the number of young people in the locality who are willing and capable to establish new businesses. Companies will also be less motivated to expand their business in the area. All of these factors will lead to stunted economic growth.

The population growth rate of the US was historically low in the past decade. Flat immigration rates and fewer births resulted in a 0.7% net population growth in the last decade, which is very low. 2018 experienced the slowest population growth in the US over the previous eight decades. According to predictions, with the current immigration rate, the US population growth rate is expected to fall even further. The Heartland Visa program will aim to solve this particular problem.

  • Uneven Population Growth:

The US is facing an uneven population growth between its several counties. Some counties are experiencing a severe reduction in population growth, while others are growing at a healthy or steady pace. This uneven population growth adds several other demographic challenges. Most immigration activities increase the population of already well-populated counties, while many other counties are experiencing a population decline. The disparity in population growth between all US counties has reached 86% compared to 64% in 2000. Half of the US counties are currently experiencing population decline, while others are experiencing no population growth. Several other counties, on the other hand, are quickly growing. This huge disparity in population growth among US counties is problematic and requires careful planning if the government plans on overcoming them.

The Heartland Visa Program aims to bridge the gap in population growth between counties by carefully allotting the right number of location-based visas based on their population growth rate. The severely shrinking counties will host many immigrants, while quickly growing counties will receive no immigrants through this program.

  • Loss of Prime Working-Age Adults:

Prime age workers play a crucial role in sustaining an economy. The age between 25-54 is called prime working-age, and adults of this age are able to work as laborers and business people. They are the primary contributors to an economy. Once they reach 60 or 65, they retire and start depending on national and personal resources for sustenance.

Not only is the US facing low, uneven population growth, but its working-age population is also declining sharply. The boomers’ generation is rapidly aging out of their working-age and embracing retirement. And, due to the low birth rate, the current percentage of the working-age population is declining. The elderly generation is not replaced as rapidly by the new generation as it should be, creating a deficit of prime working-age adults in the US workforce.

According to the EIG survey, more than half of the US states are facing a sharp decline in the working-age population. Although the US has met a decline in prime-age adults before, this decade is the first in the last century during which the country is facing both population decline and loss of prime-age workers, at the same time on a sustained basis. This trend will most likely continue and even worsen in the coming decade.

However, the Heartland Visa Program will explicitly solve this issue. This program will encourage adults of prime working-age to settle in counties that need them the most.

How Does the Heartland Visa Work?

The Heartland Visa works by rekindling opportunities in the left-behind places by encouraging location-based immigration. EIG proposed some fundamental principles to govern the Heartland Visa Program to develop underpopulated and economically backward US counties. They are as follows:

  • The visa program will ensure that both the visa holders and host communities voluntarily “opt-in” for this program. This principle will ensure compatibility and cohesion between new immigrants and host communities in the selected counties.
  • This program will work with the current visa immigration policies as an additive and present a new way of work-based and location-based immigration.
  • This visa program will focus on revitalizing and repopulating areas with slow population growth or rapid decline to boost their economy and fiscal stability.
  • Unlike other work visas, this program will not bound immigrants to a single employer. It will provide them the freedom to work with any local employer, including small businesses and startups.
  • This visa program will provide a pathway for the new immigrants to earn US nationality and full mobility within the US while ensuring enough opportunities for other visa and green card holders.
  • This program will receive support from additional federal resources to assist in job hunting and ensure smooth assimilation.

Joe Biden’s Plan for The Heartland Visa

Joe Biden plans to introduce the Heartland Visa as a part of his immigration reforms. He is aware of the disparity between large and small counties based on population and economic growth. Biden believes that this disparity is one of the leading causes of economic imbalance in the US. He is also aware that businesses in rural counties struggle to find a competent workforce, which creates “unique problems” for them. Therefore, he aims to introduce a visa scheme by which counties or municipal executives can petition for additional immigrant visas to help overcome such issues.

However, the employers in those counties should first prove the unavailability of competent labor for jobs in that region before applying for additional immigrant visas. His program will also ensure similar regulations, protections, and rules for these immigrants as other work-based immigrants. Although Biden did not use the word “Heartland Visa” in his political agenda, the gist of both these programs is the same.

How Will the Heartland Visa Affect the U.S. Economy?

The Heartland Visa will have some very positive impacts on the US economy. The extra influx of prime working-age immigrants will help overcome the labor shortages in the US, boost entrepreneurship, diversify the communities, and help build a healthier and more dynamic economy.

Labor shortages have had a massive impact on the US economy for the past decade. The Heartland Visa program will invite many new working immigrants to the US, substantially fulfilling the current labor needs. Industries will be able to perform at their full potential once they acquire all the labor they need. Maximum productivity will lead to maximum economic growth.

Because this program will attract young people to the US, entrepreneurship in the US will boost. These immigrants will start new businesses in the US and directly contribute to the US economy. They will introduce innovative business plans to attract new customers, thereby increasing competition and forcing companies to operate more efficiently than before. Increased efficiency will lead to higher productivity, thus positively contributing to the US economy.

Immigrants all around the world will contribute towards diversifying the US communities. This diversity will bring new business ideas and opportunities for locals who will use them to set up their businesses. Many counties previously economically lagging will finally be able to cope up with larger and more healthy economies. It will help to create a more stable and dynamic national economy. This visa program will bring endless possibilities and opportunities to the US, positively impacting the national economy.

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