The US government created the TPS category in 1990. With it, a non-permanent status is granted to foreign nationals forced to leave their homeland. Their reasons for departure can be due to an armed regime, natural disaster-caused damages, or some other valid cause. Through TPS, these individuals can safely outlast the turmoil that has their country in its clutches.

Officially, TPS renewal comes under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Homeland Security. They may renew it before the term expires in case the debilitating conditions haven’t abated. The Secretary also grants a 6-18 month-long TPS extension if the resident’s country won’t be able to re-absorb them. All of this depends on whether the TPS recipient appeals 60 days before the expiration date.

TPS Honduras is a successful measure that keeps Hondurans safe – both from deportation and the unfavorable conditions in Honduras. Hondurans on TPS can also get a work permit and earn to support themselves while in the US. However, due to recent changes by the Trump administration, the situation has changed. Therefore, we’d recommend that readers on Honduran TPS keep reading for news on extension and post-expiration measures.

What Is TPS?

Temporary immigration but not residency within the US, the TPS is part of the Immigration and Nationality Act. It makes a foreign national eligible for the application of an Employment Authorization Document. Thus, the recipient in question may work without fear of deportation until their TPS expires.

The number of citizens with TPS and the countries they belong to are mentioned below. It includes more than:

  • 55,000 Hondurans
  • 250,000 Salvadorans
  • 45,000 Haitians
  • 14,500 Nepalis
  • 4,500 Nicaragua
  • 400 Somalians
  • 800 South Sudanese and Sudanese
  • 7,000 Syrians
  • 1,400 Yemenis

Congress granted the first Honduras TPS in the Clinton administration. The subsequent presidencies have extended this protection to Hondurans. However, that has changed during the Trump administration.

Right now, the Hondurans with TPS form the following proportions (from highest to lowest) of these US cities populations:

  1. New York (8,818)
  2. Miami (7,467)
  3. Houston (6,060)

Why Was Honduras Granted TPS?

The latest Honduras Temporary Protected Status was extended in 1999 after the devastation left behind a hurricane in the previous year. About 86,000 immigrants hold TPS at present. Together, with the immigrants from Nepal, these individuals also have more than 50,000 children who were born in the US. An end to their TPS status, thus, will affect many lives.

TPS and the Trump Administration in 2018

The current President’s administration is looking to finish TPS for Hondurans. It is plain to see from the actions they took in 2018. The Hondurans are still in the country legally because of a pending case. Along with a group of Nepalis, several Honduran TPS holders are behind the lawsuit. According to their lawyers, they maintain the termination in 2018 violates the law.

When referencing the recent data, we see that TPS holders – namely from Honduras, El Salvador, and Haiti – have contributed almost $4.5 billion annually in the form of salary income. They have also contributed almost $7 billion to Social Security and Medicare in a decade. Moreover, about 89% of both Salvadorans and Hondurans are employed. The highest proportion of males in this group is working in construction (23%), while close to 30% of female TPS holders have jobs as cleaners of buildings or houses.

TPS for Honduras Gets Extended

TPS Status Honduras indicates the extension of this program is only possible up to January 2020. According to it, the Trump administration is granting the Hondurans until January 4th, 2021. Thus, they have about 365 days more before TPS expiration to decide what to do.

What are My Options Once TPS Expires?

It is not clear what the government’s stance will be over TPS Extension Honduras. However, we can see that the program does expire in 2020. When that happens, Hondurans in the US will have several options. Consult an immigration attorney to determine which one’s right in your case:

Apply for Another Nonimmigrant Status

Based on the requirements that you can satisfy, you can appeal to join the ranks of students (F-1) and workers (E series) – and everything in between.

For individuals who were victims of human trafficking or assisted the law enforcement in apprehending criminals, the T- and U-visas are also options.

Apply for Asylum

Honduras TPS Extension 2019 could end next year, which is why you may want to apply for asylum. While your case is pending, the USCIS will even allow you to stay in the US legally. Should six months pass with no decision arriving, you will also be eligible for a work permit. A year after the USCIS gives you the green light, you can apply for a green card too.

There is a small window for successful asylum applications. Candidates who know persecution awaits them in their homeland should take advantage of it. Talk to an attorney before it closes!

Apply for Permanent Residency

Whether through the sponsorship by family or an employer, you may be able to achieve permanent residency. However, before worrying about leaving the country to adjust your status, we’d recommend talking to a lawyer.

Some Hondurans may necessarily need to leave the country before status adjustment. Your immigration attorney is likely to have a way back in for you. So, don’t leave the US without consulting them!

Prove You are One or Become a US Citizen

This is possible for Hondurans whose parents were in the US military or grandparents were in the country in the past. Unbeknownst to them, they might have achieved US citizenship. If your lawyer can prove that’s true in your case, you can have a go at this option.

Appeal to an Immigration Judge During Deportation

The US government will deport you after your TPS expires. This should be your last resort. Appeal to the judge in charge of your deportation proceedings. Again, a lawyer can guide you towards the right defenses that an undocumented alien can mount and be successful. For instance, if you fear torture on return to Honduras, that may work in your favor here in the US. The judge will then give you a cancellation of removal.

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USCIS TPS Honduras will come to an end next year. Don’t think the only choice you have is to surrender yourself to deportation. We’d recommend that you don’t take other needless risks either. Instead, get in touch with Eric Price – the immigration lawyer – for swift action and viable solutions!

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