President Joe Biden is seeking to make it easier for immigrants to come to America. His administration’s latest push to expand immigration came in the form of a 46-page document known as the “Plan To Restore Trust In Our Legal Immigration System.” The plan seeks to significantly expand the legal immigration system in the United States and systematically reverse the efforts of President Donald Trump to dismantle the immigration system.

Although Biden’s plan is still going through changes, it appears he is attempting to accelerate and expand legal immigration into the U.S.

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What Is The New D.H.S. Plan?

The D.H.S.’ Plan to Restore Trust in Our Legal Immigration System’ contains several initiatives that are aimed at reopening the country to more immigrants and making good on Biden’s campaign promise to ensure the country “embraces its character as a nation of opportunity and of welcome.”

What Changes Is President Biden Seeking?

A central element of Biden’s plan is addressing backlogs in the immigration system — which were only exacerbated by court shutdowns and restrictions caused by COVID-19.

With the Plan To Restore Trust In Our Legal Immigration System, the Biden administration plans to:

• Fast-track immigration applications through the expansion of virtual interviews and electronic filing.
• Limit evidence requests from visa applications.
• Restore opportunities for foreign employees via the existing H-1B visa program — intended for foreign employees with specialized skills.
• Create new pathways for entrepreneurs who seek to create start-up businesses and create jobs for American workers.
• Allow foreign national victims of domestic violence to be granted asylum in the U.S.
• Expand immigration opportunities for LGBTQ+ refugees from countries where they face persecution or where same-sex marriages are outlawed.
• Provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who assist law enforcement by cooperating with police investigations or testifying in court.
• In response to a dramatic swelling of the U-visa waitlist, Biden wants to extend protections to immigrants who cooperate even before they can make it on the waitlist.

Who Will Be Affected?

There is not a sector of the U.S. immigrant population who won’t be impacted by Biden’s sweeping immigration reform proposals, including but not limited to:

  • High-Skilled Workers

  • Trafficking Victims

  • Families Of Americans Living Abroad

  • American Indians Born In Canada

  • Asylum Seekers

  • Farm Workers

Why Is President Biden Seeking These Changes?

The time for immigration reform in America has come. In fact, polling data shows that the U.S. largely objected to President Donald Trump’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants and actually grew considerably more favorable towards immigration over the course of his administration.

Research has consistently shown that legal immigration benefits the U.S. economy — particularly during a time when the U.S. population growth is slowing.

Increased immigration has a domino effect because the more immigrants that come through the pipeline, the more money there is to finance citizenship and immigration services — these two things are financed nearly entirely by fees paid by immigrants.

What Will Be The Effects?

The effects of Biden’s immigration overhaul would impact immigrants and the country as a whole for years to come. Immigrants would have a much easier time coming to the U.S., finding employment, seeking asylum, and overall leading to a better quality of life.

What Has Been The Response?

Response to Biden’s blueprint has been mixed. The chief of staff at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services commended Biden’s efforts, saying “”There are significant changes that need to be made to really open up all avenues of legal immigration.”

Though most Americans favor immigration, some activists and Republicans are not so keen on the forthcoming changes.

One of the biggest arguments against immigration overhaul was illustrated by former Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, who said, “They just want to shovel people in here. They are not running an immigration system for the benefit of America, and certainly not for the benefit of ordinary Americans.”

Others believe that as the economy tries to recover from the pandemic-related downturn, high immigration rates may take jobs away from American citizens.

What Are The Next Steps?

Now is the time to claim your spot in the citizenship line. Due to immigration backlogs from the prior administration and the global pandemic, it’s important to act now to take advantage of the Biden administration’s immigration changes.

If you have any questions about these changes and what they mean for you, contact attorney Eric Price ASAP.

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