The White House is expected to re-open the U.S.-Mexico border in the next few months. Title 42 is the name of the public health authority enacted by Pres. Donald Trump, when he closed the border amid the Covid-19 pandemic, citing the risk of spreading Covid to argue why the government needed to quickly kick out immigrants arriving at the border without allowing them to seek asylum.

The Biden administration is expected to take a phased-in approach to the re-opening, meaning Pres. Biden will likely first end the practice of turning families away at the border and then extend it to single adults later in the year.

Attorney Eric Price is an LA immigration attorney who has experience working for President Bush and President Obama. During his time with ICE, Attorney Price learned the immigration laws from the inside while forging relationships with government officials, which now helps him to quickly solve problems for his clients. If you are in need of an immigration attorney, contact Eric Price today.

Trump’s COVID-19 Border Restrictions

Last year, in an attempt to stop the spread of Covid-19, Trump shut down the U.S.-Mexico border, even for immigrants seeking asylum and who had legitimate claims for humanitarian protection. Trump did so by invoking Title 42, a section of the Public Health Safety Act that allows the federal government to temporarily block immigrants from entering the country when doing so is “required in the interest of public health.” This policy has allowed U.S. immigration officials to expel more than 618,000 immigrants from the southern border.

President Biden On Reopening The U.S-Mexico Border

The current resurgence of Covid (Delta variant) is causing many to fear that the Biden administration may delay re-opening the southern border. Before the Delta variant began surging, many were expecting Biden to re-open the border by the end of July but, that timeline is now in flux.

Why Is Pressure Building On President Biden To Re-Open Border?

Immigrant advocates claim the public health order has put immigrants in harm’s way and leaves many, particularly those seeking asylum, from dangerous conditions in Mexico. What’s more, many lawmakers, specifically those that represent border districts, are urging President Biden to lift travel restrictions to help stimulate the economy. This comes as non-essential travel restrictions that have been in place since Marche of 2020 have crushed small businesses in border towns from San Ysidro, California, to Brownsville, Texas, that heavily rely on Mexican shoppers.

What Will Be The Effect?

Although re-opening the border will likely stimulate local economies and allow immigrants to seek asylum, it might also exacerbate the issues currently affecting the border. For one, officials expect the re-opening will trigger a spike in the number of migrants arriving at the border — at least for the short-term, something that Republicans believe will be “dangerous” and will allow Cartel members to infiltrate the U.S. A new poll reveals that 53 percent of voters report that they are less likely to support Democrats for Congress because of the spike in immigrants at the border. 23 percent say they are more likely.

What Will Be The Response?

President Biden has repeatedly vowed to create a fair and humane immigration system. But, the administration is finding that quickly reversing the prior administration’s immigration policies can create both logistical and political nightmares. As cases of the Delta variant of Covid continue to rise, it’s hard to tell what lawmakers will be in favor of and what the administration will do at the southern border.

Next Steps

If you or your loved ones are waiting to be granted asylum in the U.S. and you are confused or overwhelmed by all of the recent back and forth and changes, contact a skilled and experienced immigration attorney. Policies and laws are constantly changing. You need someone who keeps up with the ebbs and flows and can guide you through the immigration system. If you have any questions about the recent changes, please don’t hesitate to contact Attorney Eric Price ASAP.

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