The Northern Triangle of Central America, or “the northern triangle,” refers to the three Central American countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

By rebuilding our relationship with the Northern Triangle, the number of immigrants fleeing to America will decrease, and in turn, living conditions in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala will hopefully improve.

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What Happened Under The Trump Presidency?

During the Obama Administration, then-Vice President Joe Biden developed a $750 million program to boost economic development and curb corruption and violence in the Northern Triangle. However, Trump halted these efforts in March of 2019 when he froze $450 million in foreign aid to the Northern Triangle nations of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Trump said his decision was based on the Northern Triangle’s failure to curb the outflow of migrants to the United States.

In 2018, at least 116,000 Guatemalans crossed the southern U.S. border — more than from any other country except Mexico, as they fled rural poverty, climate change, drug-related violence, and food insecurity.

 What Is President Bidens Plan?

Biden plans to finish the work of building a fair and humane immigration system for migrants of the Northern Triangle. Biden’s plan encompasses three main goals:

Address The Root Cause Of Migration

Biden wants to hone in on the root cause of the mass volume of migrants from the Northern Triangle. He says this can’t be done if all of the focus is on the border with Mexico. So, he plans to shift some of the focus back to the Northern Triangle and be able to address what’s pushing these people to flee their homes in desperation: lack of economic opportunity, violence, and insecurity, corrupt government.

Strengthen Regional Humanitarian Response

The inability of the Northern Triangle nations to stop the violence and terror in their backyard is creating a regional refugee challenge. Nearly every country in the region is receiving refugees and struggling to protect and care for children and families. As a world leader, Biden believes the U.S. has the responsibly to care for and support refugees and asylum seekers.

Manage Migration Through Refugee Resettlement & Other Legal Programs

Biden wants to make it simple for asylum-seekers to make their claim without having to undertake the dangerous journey to the U.S.. Biden’s plan will update the Central American Minors program for certain kids who are seeking to reunify with U.S. relatives. This change will allow them to apply for entry from their home countries, expand registration efforts, and process refugees in the region to be resettled in the United States. It will also expand opportunities for migrants seeking temporary worker visas or other forms of legal status that they may qualify for.

What Does President Bidens Plan Entail?

To modernize America’s immigration system and help stop the crisis at the southern border, Biden’s plan for the Northern Triangle includes:

Developing A Comprehensive Four-Year, $4 Billion Regional Strategy To Address Factors Driving Migration From Central America

The Northern Triangle is plagued by violence, narco-trafficking, and criminal organizations that hold military-grade weapons. The region is especially dangerous for women and children. Biden’s proposed $4 billion assistance package for the Northern Triangle aims to address the factors that drive migration from Central America by creating greater security, economic development, and respect for the rule of law in the region.

Mobilize Private Investment In The Region

The more private investment these countries are able to receive, the faster they will grow, and the faster conditions will improve. When conditions are improved, we will see the flux in migrants drop.

Improve Security & Rule Of Law

The plan’s measures aim to reduce gang and gender-based violence across the Northern Triangle as well as improve legal and educational systems.

Addressing Endemic Corruption

Biden hopes that anti-corruption campaigns will educate the people of the Northern Triangle and about corruption and teach them that there are other ways of life and paths to success.

Prioritizing Poverty Reduction & Economic Development

By promoting professional talents and training of human resources via funding for robust scholarship programs, Biden’s reforms aim to strengthen education and economic development in the Northern Triangle.

What Will The Effects Be? 

Biden’s main goals with his plans for the Northern Triangle are to stop the flux in migrants. By improving the Northern Triangle nations economically, financially, and socially, the hope is the citizens will no longer feel like they have to flee their home countries. This will play a large role in stopping the current crisis at America’s southern border.

What Are the Next Steps? 

If you are a migrant interested in learning more about Biden’s immigration reform and how it may affect you or your family, the best course of action is to contact a skilled immigration attorney. Immigration attorneys know the ins and outs of immigration laws, and they keep up with the constant changes. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action to take towards winning a citizenship or green card case.

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