Immigration and domestic violence may have more ties than you may realize. For example, according to the Department of Justice, 75% of domestic violence victims reported that their abusers used their immigration status against them. The same study also found that 40% of abusers threatened to call immigration authorities or report the victim’s immigration status to authorities.

The Trump Administration ordered the courts to stop granting asylum to domestic abuse victims. A move that ended nearly two decades of protection. Under President Joe Biden’s sweeping immigration reform, domestic violence victims would get those immigration protections back.

Biden’s plan addresses the processing delays created by the Trump administration and expands availability for VAWA self-petitions, T-visas, and U-visas.

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Processing Delays Under Trump

The Trump Administration took away domestic violence victim’s rights to asylum in 2018, creating further processing delays for domestic violence survivors. These delays often forced immigrant victims of abuse to have to stay with their abuser instead of seeking help and finding freedom and refuge. Biden aims to end these delays and provide victims with the security and certainty they are in need of.

What Is President Biden Proposing?

  • Restore asylum eligibilities for survivors of domestic violence whose home governments cannot or will not protect them.
  • Increase visas for domestic violence survivors. As we mentioned, the Trump administration imposed long processing delays for arbitrating applications for self-petitions, U-visas, T-Visas, and VAWA.
  • Triple the current cap of 10,000 on U-visas.

VAWA Petitions

VAWA petitions allow an abused spouse or child of a lawful resident or U.S. citizen to self-petition for lawful status in the U.S., receive employment authorization and have access to public benefits.

VAWA is an invaluable resource for domestic violence survivors because it provides them with the means that are essential to escape domestic violence and establish safe, independent lives.


U-Visas offer immigration relief for domestic violence survivors if they help the authorities in their investigations and/or prosecution of the abuser. In those cases, the victims can qualify for a visa that may lead to a green card.


Survivors of human trafficking may be eligible for lawful status, employment authorization, and a path to permanent residency via a T-Visa. The T-Visa allows human trafficking victims and their immediate family to stay and work temporarily in the U.S.

Who Will Be Affected?

Biden’s sweeping immigration reform could pave the way to citizenship for the roughly 10-12 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States. Domestic violence victims will regain important protections and rights under Biden’s immigration reform.

What Are the Next Steps?

If you are an immigrant seeking legal status or who qualifies under the new changes mentioned in this article, it’s important that you contact an immigration attorney ASAP to start building your case, and filing your paperwork. and claiming your spot in line.

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