Thanks to the attorney Eric Price, María Molina – Ávalos is free after two years of being incarcerated in an ICE Detention Center in Arizona, away from her husband, José, and their two children, Abraham and Stephanie.

A Michoacán, Mexico native, María was unfairly deported from Los Angeles to Tijuana in a matter of hours in 2013. Without any other option, she returned to her hometown where she went through an extortion nightmare as she fell victim of the self-proclaimed “sicarios.”

Forced by the fear of being attacked or that something happened to her family, she returned to the United States and gave herself up as a political refugee in a San Isidro migration checkpoint.

However, the bureaucracy of the migratory system sent her all the way to Arizona, which complicated her situation. Besides the obstacles from judges and prosecutors, the attorney Eric Price fought against them for almost two years until she was free and reunited safe and sound with her family.

Currently, María is at home with Political Asylum making up for the time lost with her family, friends and congregation.

“What I went through, I don’t wish to anybody… I still don’t know why I had to go through all of that when I have never hurt anybody,” María assures, who formed a prayer group while in the ICE Detention Center.

“Every day I asked myself the same, what did I do to deserve this punishment? I was away from my children, my husband and my home…”

The answer is still in the air, a good, hardworking and honest woman went through an unfair situation, even when she could give up and accept another deportation to return freely to Mexico, María Molina – Ávalos stood strong “because I had so much faith that the attorney Eric Price would take me out from where I was and return me to my home in California,” she affirms.

“The attorney Eric never left my side, it was really hard for me and my husband, but we saw how he fought during those two years until he achieved my freedom.”

María Molina’s story is so moving that it has been presented in news stations like Univision – San Diego and Estrella TV – Los Angeles. They both talked about the labor of the attorney Eric Price in favor of the Hispanic community and María Molina in particular. Highlighting how with his experience and knowledge in migratory law he managed to help people with what seems like impossible migratory cases.

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