The policies concerning US immigration will undergo drastic changes, depending on who wins this November. The current leader is well known for his restrictive stance on whom he will let into the country. Thus, we can expect more such measures if he takes the Oval Office again. On the other hand, the Democratic nominee, expects to reform US immigration. Part of the Joe Biden Immigration Policy would be the conversion of almost 11 million undocumented immigrants to US citizens.

So, what should you do to prepare for either candidate’s victory? If Trump returns, undocumented immigrant readers should consider going to an immigration legal expert. Also, try finding out which of the sanctuary cities you can move to! But with a win for Biden, you will be living in a much more diverse country. So, get ready for that! In either case, get in touch with Eric Price & team to figure out your next step.

Immigration Changes Under The Trump Administration

The Trump administration clearly wants to regulate the field of immigration. This area has already seen 400 executive orders. Just recently, an immigration ban came into place. It will be lasting until the end of the year. The said ban effectively stops half a million foreign workers from working within the US.

But that’s just one the strict immigration measures that have been taken. There’s also the ban on various Muslim-majority countries. We also saw new restrictions on green cards and H1-B visas. Outsiders who’ll come in with a high immigrant credit score are more likely to get in. Even legal immigrants with a tax payer identification number aren’t completely safe.

What Else Is On Trump’s Agenda?

One of the earliest objectives that became part of the presidential campaign was the wall on the southern border of the US. According to Trump, the structure will prevent irregular and undocumented immigrants from coming in. It’s his intention to continue building the wall. The expansion of immigration detention centers is going to continue. As will the strictness of the measures prosecuting those who cross into the US illegally.

Furthermore, those fleeing violence-prone countries should no longer bank on asylum here. The DACA program would also be on its way out. Coming in is a new merit-based immigration system as opposed to the lottery one. Chain migration is also going to become less relevant – if not obsolete — in the coming years.

Immigration Policy Under A Biden Administration

The position of Biden On Immigration is almost completely the opposite. In fact, he will attempt to reverse most of the policies that Trump is putting in place. Instead of these, Joe Biden is more likely to return us to the measures from Obama’s presidency. Some of the main changes that experts foresee in this regard include:

The Wall

As the former vice president, he did support the Secure Fence Act in 2006. So, as the president, Biden shows a desire to reverse the funding going into the building of the border wall. He wants to redirect that money to secure the points of entry on the US border, instead.


The Joe Biden Immigration Plan also contains steps to make the Border Patrol better. According to him, with better training and oversight, it is possible to improve how the Immigration and Customs Enforcement carries out Border Patrol. Biden also intends to bring the number of raids on workplaces and sensitive locations down. Under Trump, we see an increase under enforcement actions at hospitals, offices, schools, and places of worship.

Citizenship & Protected Statuses

Besides these measures, Biden wants to achieve another objective that his predecessor, Obama, couldn’t. Both wish that the millions of undocumented immigrants can become US citizens. Additionally, he also wants to speed up the citizenship process for farm workers.

The DACA program grants its applicants a two-year-long protected status. President Obama introduced it to delay the deportation of individuals who arrived in the US as undocumented children. Biden wishes to re-introduce it now that Trump has almost wrapped up the program.

Northern Triangle

Joe Biden Views On Immigration are clear. He doesn’t think it’s sufficient to just reduce the number of people heading to the US for better lives. Instead, it would be more effective to crack down on the root causes of such migration. Namely, poverty and violence, these conditions reduce the quality of life. So, he has plans to begin a four-year-long $4 billion program. Its focus will be the Northern Triangle and the countries that make it, i.e., El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Refugees & Asylum Seekers

Biden also has plans for the rescinding of the Muslim-majority ban. In addition to that, he wants to take in more refugees by upping the number of admissions to 125,000. Besides restoring the asylum system, the Democratic candidate will also suggest methods other than immigrant detention. For instance, applying case management lets immigrants earn as part of a community until they get their hearing.

How To Prepare For Future Changes

Hinting at the success of the Biden Immigration Platform is the man’s selection of Harris – who is from a family of legal immigrants. It seems that should he succeed, we may see great immigration reforms. Even if he doesn’t go as left as some would expect, Biden could use his executive authority to undo most anti-immigrant policies now in place.

Opposite to Joe Biden Stance On Immigration Issues is the one that Trump assumes. Should he win, we may even return to a pre-Civil Rights Act segregation state of things. The red-states would be the first to enact similar policies. But those in other areas won’t be immune to these changes, either. With a majority in the Supreme Court, Trump administration can repeal many federal laws. In particular danger are those concerning federal and fetal personhood and LGBTQ rights.

Moreover, Trump can also use his second term to get dangerous policies in place. They’d ensure anyone attempting to hold him accountable won’t get too far. Pre-2010 health insurance system was a nightmare. We may return to it! Initiatives like Medicare for everybody and Green New Deal will never become a reality either.

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