Also called the Third Priority Worker green card, the EB3 is especially aimed at workers who want to live and earn in the U.S. Like the previous two types, EB1 and 2, this one also has three subtypes. Workers who may apply for one must have:

  • An experience of 2 years working or training in a field. This is the class for Skilled workers.
  • A high educational degree, such as a Bachelor’s. Professionals may apply in this class.
  • Less than two years of experience. They are known as Unskilled workers.

The limit on the EB3 visas mandates that about 30% of all employment-based visas can come from this category. As the cutoff point arrives, the remaining applications are put on hold until the next year.

EB-3 Green Card Requirements

The three classes within the EB3 category all have different requirements. To be eligible, applicants must fulfill these EB3 Requirements. We mention them below:

EB-3A Skilled Workers

Along with the experience stated above, this position also demands that the applicant go through the Labor Certification Process. No EB3 applicant may self-petition. Moreover, they must also have a job offer (full time) from a U.S. employer. Some examples of professions in this class include lawyers, teachers, architects, and engineers.

EB-3B Professionals

Besides the education and experience they must have, the candidates in this category must also prove a U.S. employer has offered them full time work. Computer scientists, supervisors, graphic designers, and journalists are a few examples of Professionals.

EB-3C Unskilled Workers

Unskilled Workers must be capable of performing full-time labor that requires less than 2 years’ training or experience. They, too, cannot petition for themselves and must have a job offer to be considered. Some examples would be caretakers, janitors, housekeepers, and nannies.

Labor Certification Process

Similar to the previous classes of visas, this one also requires the petitioner to begin with the PERM Labor Certification process. Their employer must go after a Prevailing Wage Determination. The salary of the applicant is decided here. It may take up to 2 weeks.

The DOL will consider the petition only if there are no American citizens qualified or able to work in the position in question. The EB3 applicant’s employer will thus have to clarify that. It entails that the employer places ads in visible places, such as newspapers, etc. Records kept during the whole procedure will show the DOL that the employer didn’t find any suitable U.S. citizen during recruitment. That’d take about 60 days.

EB-2 Green Card Application Process

The entire application process for the EB-3 visa can thus be viewed in this way. An applicant must:

  1. Find an employer who agrees to hire and petition for them.
  2. The employer completes PERM after that.
  3. On approval, they will submit the petition or Form I-140.
  4. If the USCIS clears that, the applicant will be invited for an interview.

EB3 Processing Time for the application is about 24 weeks. If they can pay the fee for premium processing, an applicant can shorten it to 15 days.

After the USCIS gives the go-ahead, the applicants already in the US will file the I-485 themselves. For those who are in their home country, the consular process begins. A visit to the local Consulate office to submit the DS-260 and an interview with a consular officer will complete it.

Required Documents

EB3 Process completion depends on the submission of the following documents:

  • A passport that would remain valid even six months after an applicant enters the United States. However, a Consulate may ask for a longer period of validity.
  • Form DS-260
  • Two photographs taken in the required format. The applicant will find the details about in the guidelines
  • Various civil documents to prove the identity and the nationality of the applicant. Thus, the USCIS/Consulate may ask them for birth certificates and marriage proof. Moreover, if the relevant paperwork is in some other language, translations will be necessary. Besides the certificates, candidates must also submit their government-issued documentation for identification.
  • Financial Support evidence that shows the newcomer intends to earn for themselves. A relative – who is also a U.S. citizen – will need to give Affidavit of Support.
  • Biometrics results after medical examination and vaccinations of the applicant.

EB-3 Green Card Cost

The applicants within the U.S. would likely pay the following types of fees:

  1. $700 for the I-140
  2. $1,140 for the I-485
  3. $85 for biometric if the applicant’s age hasn’t crossed 78

The EB3 Visa Cost for the candidates outside the U.S. consists of:

  1. $700 for the I-140
  2. $1,140 for the I-485
  3. $85 for biometric if the applicant’s age hasn’t crossed 78
  4. $120 for the Affidavit of Support
  5. $325 for the DS-260

Both types of applicants may pay $1,440 to expedite processing.

Can EB-3 Applicants Bring Their Family?

Yes. Their spouse can also enter the country as the partner of a Skilled Worker, Unskilled Worker, or Professional. While the couple begins their green card application process, the spouse may also apply to get an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). They will be able to work on its approval. To file the petition, they will need the documents the principal applicant (their spouse) submitted. Besides that, they must also provide proof of marriage to the applicant, their immigrant category, and green card/Form I-485.

The EB3 Category also allows applicants of all three classes to bring their minor children. They’d need to prove how they are related. Additionally, they should also submit the same information about the principal applicant as the spouses.

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