The former Vice President and recently elected President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, has vowed to reunite all children that have been separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border. This vow came as a fulfilment of part of his campaign promises and further fostered America’s great value of being a welcoming arm to immigrants. 4000 children or more will benefit from the reunification policy, but NGOs and attorneys could not reach more than 500 children’s parents as of October last year. Hopefully, with the involvement of the federal government, all parents will be found.

According to Biden’s campaign, the border policy reform will kick off on his first day as president, January 20, 2021. And within his first 100 days in office, he should have reunited all separated children with their respective parents. The issue about strict immigration policies had come up at the October 22 final debate between President Donald Trump and Biden, and Trump has reluctantly replied that his administration is working on it. So this new reunification policy is obviously a reverser of the outgoing administration’s policies on immigration.

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Border Policy Under the Trump’s Administration

Under President Trump’s administration, thousands of children were separated from their parents at the border. Most of the separations occurred between 2017 and 2018 when parent immigrants were being prosecuted over illegal entries and other issues such as criminal histories, identity, etc.

In May 2018, President Trump made a “zero tolerance” policy to prosecute all illegal border crossers. One of the critical points of the policy is to separate children from prosecuted immigrant parents. However, the administration quickly reversed the zero-tolerance policy in June following the international outcry that arose worldwide.

Despite President Trump’s executive order ending the zero tolerance policy in June 2018, reliable records still show that more than 700 families have been separated, and more than 5 children have died because of the separation. Most of the separation is done under the guise of protecting the children from their parents’ criminality. Nonetheless, there is little care for immigrants’ children at detention camps.

A group of 60 lawyers will tell the story better; they interviewed 60 immigrants’ children held at a detention camp in El Paso, Texas. Minors were being tasked with caring for younger ones, poor sanitation, unbalanced diet, the list goes on. Most of the detained children were less than 12 years old, and these were the children saddled with the responsibility of taking care of others. Illness, cases of flu were going around the camp due to inadequate quarantine and treatment facility. This account is one among hundreds of accounts given by first-hand witnesses of what happened and is still happening to children detainees across the camps.

Joe Biden’s Border Policy

Biden will peruse better policies that safeguard America’s values on immigration. And he will also provide a fair economic system that benefits both immigrants and indigenous people of America. Biden’s border key border policies are but not limited to:

Reversing Trump’s Separation Policy

Not that Biden will welcome all immigrants with open arms irrespective of criminal records or social status, but he will implement more sensible enforcement priorities. Immigrants with zero or insignificant criminal offenses will be pardoned, and there will be alternative punishment to family separation at the border.

Another policy Biden will reverse is the un-American travel and refugee bans, also known as the “Muslim Bans.” This ban, as already described by most Americans, bias and betrays American values. The ban lacks evidence and intelligence to support the claim that Muslim immigrants make US less secure.

There are plans to increase refugee limit cap to 125,000 immigrants from the previous 15,000 cap.

Restoration of asylum laws is also part of the plan. Biden promised to commit significant political resources to border policy reform as much as such policy ensures that US borders remain open and heart-warmingly welcoming immigrants from around the world.

Ending Border Intimidation Tactics

Biden will channel more of the enforcement policies on threats to public or national security than baseless and hate-laced accusations of immigrants. The naturalization process for the green cardholders will be more accessible. The hasten process will ensure no separation at all, or a concise one if necessary.

He will also ensure that all government’s border-related establishments operate by their professional standards and answer for any inhumane treatment reported on their names. The two leading targeted establishments are the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Reuniting Kids with Their Families

As of January 20, 2020, there will be a taskforce to reunite all found parents with their children.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was created by Obama-Biden administration back in 2012, and Trump’s administration later terminated it in 2018. DACA aims to protect “dreamers” – (undocumented immigrants brought into the US as children); to ensure they are productive and abide by the laws of United States of America. Biden will resuscitate dreamers’ hope by reinstating DACA. In a bid to strengthen DACA, Biden will implement more robust legal options to protect families from inhumane separation or other unlawful acts committed against undocumented immigrants. Under DACA, dreamers will also have access to student loans and grants.

What Effect Will Biden’s Border Policy Have?

If not for any other benefit at all, reuniting little and disoriented children with their parents is enough. The Biden Border policy is not only great for the affected families. Still, it will also strengthen the US-Mexico relations and reaffirm the world’s perception of US as a hospitable country.

What Are the Next Steps?

While awaiting the Joe Biden border policy reform to take off, affected individuals are advised not to get involved in acts or situations that could jeopardize the reforms. Affected individuals should also strive to get adequate information, and they should be readily available and prepared for proper documentation that will soon come up.

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