If permanent residency isn’t your objective and you just want to visit the US for personal reasons, the B 2 Visitor Visa might be what you need. Visitors who want a permit that will let them stay here for a short time can apply for it. With it, you can spend time on recreation, traveling, or visiting family. But take care to cram all your plans for the trip into 6 months. That’s how long a tourist can remain within the US on a B-2 visa.

Different visa holders require this permit for different reasons. Some people, for instance, avail this opportunity to receive medical treatment that isn’t available in their home country. Others will use the time to attend conventions. You can also participate in sports events while on the B-2.

Even so, there are certain activities that you cannot engage in legally while having a B-2 visa. Therefore, we’d advise talking to our legal team. They will clarify what you can safely do and what is off-limits. The processing can take 60 days. So, drop an email to us today!

B-2 Visa vs. B-1 Visa

Usually, you get a joint visa that is a combination of both B-1 and B-2 visas. That’s because, for many non-immigrant visitors, such trips result in both pleasure and business. However, they aren’t the same thing. A B-1 visa is perfect, for example, if you just want to attend a business conference in this country. But holidaying at a friend’s will require a B-2 type of visa.

B-2 Visa Eligible Activities

Once you determine What Is B 2 Visa and its purpose, you shouldn’t have much difficulty in deciding which activities are greenlit. Even so, we mention most of the needs that it serves best. On a B-2, you can:

  • Enter the US for a pleasure trip
  • Check up on friends and other family members
  • Arrive here as a foreign national who will marry a citizen or Green Card holder
  • Arrive here as a foreign national come for medical treatment
  • Perform and compete in various events on amateur level, including sports, concerts, etc.
  • Participate in conventions

B-2 Visa Requirements

The B 2 Tourist Visa Requirements make it mandatory for an applicant to provide a specific kind of evidence. Namely, it can be difficult to prove that you intend to go as a tourist. And that you won’t be staying in the US. Firstly, that involves showing the USCIS your valid foreign passport. Secondly, you must also prove the state of your finances is stable. There’s one more way of indicating that your visit is going to be a temporary one. Proof of a well-maintained residence in your home country should do it.

How To Apply For A B-2 Visa

B 2 Visa Application begins when you submit an online form. We describe the steps briefly below:

Application Form

Download the DS-160 and complete it. Then, submit online and keep the verification code – and page – in a safe place. It will be a part of your document package.

Visa Fees

Next, clear the visa fees and check if you must pay potential insurance fees, as well. The US government will allow you to achieve this in various ways. Depending on what’s easier, you can do a bank transfer or go for a money order. In any case, any receipts that come your way also go into your document package. So, keep them safe and nearby.

Interview Appointment

If you’re 14 or older – the age bracket goes all the way to 79 – you must schedule an Embassy interview. Also, it takes place at the branch where you went to apply for the B-2 visa. Do this step once you’re in the clear with the fees because it can take time. The US Embassy will send off a confirmation letter, which will mention your interview’s date.

B-2 Visa Documents

Most importantly, ready a valid passport, your DS-160 code and page, a visa photo, and receipts. Other than that, you would also need a letter that describes why you want to visit the US. In addition to those, get evidence of financial stability and ties to home country – as mentioned above.


Needless to say, the interview will be the last step of the B 2 Visa Process. Show up with the documents in tow and answer their questions. Remember not to arrive tardy because that could earn you an automatic rejection. Also, it might last for as long as 3 hours – so, prepare accordingly.

Both Extending B 2 Visa and Renewing B 2 Visa are possible. However, you must pay the B 2 Extension Fee to make it happen.

B-2 Application Processing Time

Since this depends on how many cases the US Embassy has in your country, the processing time varies. At times, it takes a few weeks, but it can also be prolonged.

B-2 Costs & Fees

You pay an application fee of $160 just as you do for a B-1 visa. But that excludes the insurance fee. Those who work for the US government or want to visit to attend a charitable event can skip paying the latter. The extension fee is $370.

What Happens If My B-2 Visa Application Is Denied?

Neither reapplication nor extension is different from the steps you must take when you apply for the first time. What is more important is that you figure out what you did wrong that resulted in a visa denial. Do that, and you increase your chances of success the second time around!

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A B-2 visa applicant should familiarize themselves with the application process and qualifications. However, knowing about all the forms of documentation and evidence you’ll need can be complicated. We deal with visitor visa applicants every day and have been delivering success for years. Additionally, our legal help ensures that you won’t pay the same fee twice because of a tiny error. Email our team so we can make a B-2 visa happen for you!


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