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Do you handle immigration cases in the United States?

Yes, our team of attorneys are authorized to handle immigration cases throughout the whole country.

Can you help me get my Green Card?

We specialize in handling Green Card cases by helping our clients navigate through the residency and petition processes. There are different instances by which a foreign national can apply for a residency or employment visa. Since February 2020, substantial additional steps are now required by USCIS as part of the application process, and our teams have specialized training in order to help you fulfill your case.

I am applying for a green card. Can the USCIS refuse to give me a green card because they think I might use public benefits one day?

Yes. If the USCIS thinks you cannot support yourself and that you will rely on public benefits in the future, it can refuse to give you a green card – even if you are not using public benefits now. See the question above for some hints on how you might prove that you will not rely on public benefits in the future.

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Is marriage to an American citizen the fast-track to permanent residency?

Marriage to a U.S. citizen is often considered to be the fastest way to obtain permanent residency. However, the USCIS looks closely at these petitions to see if the marriage can be considered bona fide or if it has been entered into for the purposes of getting a green card. If the latter is found, the immigration petition is denied and the non-U.S. spouse will be required to leave the country immediately.

If my relative sponsors me to live in the United States, will this help me prove to the USCIS that I will not need benefits in the future?

Most people who are applying for a green card must have a sponsor who can show he or she has enough money to support you (at 125% of the poverty level). Your relative will have to sign a legal document (called an “affidavit of support”) promising that he or she will support you.

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